about sam

I’m Sam Levine, and I live to help people.

It shows in the way I run my law office. When you call me with a personal injury issue or a problem with your insurance coverage, I become the person in your life who is most devoted to fixing that problem. I’ll return your calls personally and come visit you in the hospital if you’ve been injured – or at your home or office simply because it’s more convenient for you.

If your insurance company sends you a new document that you’re concerned about, or you feel you’re footing the bill for someone else’s mistake, send it over to me immediately and know that I’ll give it my full attention.

I don’t just say that I care deeply about your case. I show it in the way I represent you.

You’ll see a different side of me when it comes to taking on the people who are trying to deny you your rightful claims. With you, I’m devoted to making you feel taken care of; with the insurance companies, I am absolutely relentless. I’m not afraid to take on the biggest, most lawyered-up insurance companies out there to get you the settlement you deserve. I’ll get that settlement too, because not only do I know the law, I care a whole lot more than they do about the case.

That’s because I know I’m on the right side. Your side.

My Qualifications

I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and my law degree from John Marshall Law School. I’m a second-generation personal injury lawyer and also a member in good standing with:

  • Georgia State Bar Atlanta Bar Association
  • Sandy Springs Bar Association
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Southern Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Cobb County Bar Association
  • Dekalb County Bar Association
  • Gwinnett County Bar Association
  • National Association of Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Chastain Park Civic Association

More about Me

I grew up participating in and enjoying spirited and passionate debates about all sorts of subjects.  I also witnessed firsthand the intrinsic value of helping and serving others, which I do to this day, including helping people with ethical and legal problems.

I grew up and went on to earn an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and a law degree from the John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia. I practice personal injury law and represent people who have been injured in car and truck accidents or who have suffered other types of injuries caused by the negligence of another.

I also represented people who struggled with insurance coverage disputes and other consumer issues, and I worked in criminal defense law, representing people who’d been arrested or charged with a crime. I still practice in these areas to this day, and I very much enjoy helping people any way I can.

More about that later. What’s important is what happened before I became a lawyer.

Prior to attending law school, I was involved in a serious T-bone car accident and injured my back severely. A herniated disc in my low back caused me pain, and I had injured my neck and shoulders as well.

I went through rehab for several years, and I ended up having back surgery because of neurological pain. I still suffer chronic pain today.

Although I received a personal injury settlement, I realized that no amount of money was worth all the pain and suffering I had to live with. And as hokey as it sounds, my experience lets me honestly say that I feel your pain. I really do.

My personal experience of being injured in a car accident means I’m uniquely qualified to represent you in your personal injury case, insurance coverage dispute or even criminal defense case.

And I believe that when you represent someone as their attorney, you typically only have one chance to do it right. That’s what I strive to do. When I represent you in your car accident case or for your case of slip-and-fall, I can relate to the pain that you feel and know exactly what it’s like to experience it.

I harness this common experience we share to help you maximize your recovery.

I am a trial lawyer, which means I’m licensed and prepared to file suit and litigate your case all the way to trial, if necessary. I’ll always explain your options regarding any legal matter, and I’ll give you the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

When not working, Sam enjoys spending time with his family. He’s a native of Atlanta and stays active by running at Chastain Park so that he can indulge in his other favorite activity, which is dining out in the diverse selection of restaurants Atlanta has to offer. He volunteers at St. Judes Recovery Center and is also passionate about helping people struggling with addiction.

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You should never have to suffer for someone else’s negligence in the area of:

The suffering ends here. If you’ve experienced any of these areas, contact me today. I’m here to help.