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You have just been in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia. The panic starts to set in. When you’ve just been in a car accident it is often not a time when you are thinking or feeling your best. We encourage you to print out this “to do” list and keep it handy in your glove compartment. At the scene of the accident if your injuries do not warrant an ambulance ride to the hospital, please use this guide to help make sure you retrieve as much and the right information as possible. Then call or email the Law Office of Sam Levine, LLC to see how we may help you relieve some of the panic, pain, and overwhelm you might be feeling. First take a deep breath. You are okay and your car will be okay. The Law Office of Sam Levine, LLC will help you if you need us. STOP – Failure to stop is a crime. Do not obstruct traffic more than is necessary. MEDICAL ATTENTION – Get medical attention for the injured. Ask for an ambulance to take you to the hospital if you are in need. SAFETY – Take all precautions to prevent further accidents: flags, flares, etc. CALL THE

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Welcome, Stay a While

Hello and welcome to the new blog and website of the Law Office of Sam Levine, LLC. Fearless, Persistent, Results are what we strive to offer you in your legal matters. We invite you to get comfortable and stay a while. Enjoy reading and perusing our new look. Over the next year we’ll be adding fresh and new blog content as well as videos. We hope to be your resource for all things personal injury and safety related. Feel free to give us a call, email, or leave us a comment. We look forward to being able to help you with your car accident, truck accident, personal injury, insurance dispute, and perhaps criminal defense issues and concerns in Atlanta, Georgia. Our offices are located in the Buckhead area in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re right near Chastain Park so feel free to stop by and say hello and then we hope you’ll enjoy some time at the park. The pool is refreshing right now and it’s open to the public!

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practice area

You should never have to suffer for someone else’s negligence in the area of:

The suffering ends here. If you’ve experienced any of these areas, contact me today. I’m here to help.