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I’m one of the most experienced lawyers in handling accident cases, and I know this about my clients: when you’ve been in an accident, you feel traumatized and you’re often in pain.

You’re also worried about whether you can afford to replace or repair your vehicle. You’re worried about work. You’re worried about just about everything, in fact – and you may be dealing with serious injuries at the same time. You need to focus on rest and recovery.

You certainly don’t need the stress of a legal claim or arguing with an insurance company.

I take care of the stressful legal problems for you so you can focus on getting back to your normal life as soon as possible. That means I’ll be fighting for the fair treatment you deserve while you heal. You suffered an injury – and possibly the loss of someone you love – due to someone else’s negligence, and I will not stand for that injury to go unrecompensed.

It’s all too easy for people to lose out on fair compensation simply because they’re too injured and stressed to know what needs to be done. In car accidents, a lawsuit must be filed before the statute of limitations expires, something you can’t possibly be expected to know or worry about when you’re in the hospital.

I step in with a level head and the legal experience you need to take care of everything – including vehicle damage, rental car costs, diminished value, medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

I’ll also work to make sure you’re compensated for lifelong damage if you’ve suffered brain or spinal cord injuries, something many lawyers neglect to consider when reaching a settlement.

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You should never have to suffer for someone else’s negligence in the area of:

The suffering ends here. If you’ve experienced any of these areas, contact me today. I’m here to help.