truck accidents

If you’re injured in a truck accident, you may not yet know it, but you’re at a serious legal disadvantage.

Trucking companies, their insurers, and their independent adjusters have a great deal of experience in truck accident investigations, and they often send “go” teams of lawyers and other professionals to the scene of a truck accident within just a few hours.

They do their best to get you to admit fault, give a statement, or sign releases for medical records or employment records. When you’ve been through the trauma of a truck accident, it’s very difficult for you to cope with the barrage of intimidating professionals, and they’ll take advantage of that.

Except they won’t. Because I won’t let them.

With me, you have a fast response team on your side. Their lawyers are counting on my being slow to respond, but that’s just not going to happen. In all auto accidents, it’s essential that you have all the evidence on your side, and if the other team gets to the evidence first, it’s possible for them to destroy or manipulate it to make you seem at fault even when you should be compensated for their negligence.

Trucking companies may have a powerful and experienced legal force on their side, but when you work with me, so do you. Contact me today.

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You should never have to suffer for someone else’s negligence in the area of:

The suffering ends here. If you’ve experienced any of these areas, contact me today. I’m here to help.