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A lot of my clients have overlapping questions, so I’ve included a few that may be concerning you here. Of course, if you have any questions that are more specific to your situation, I’m always available to speak to you personally about them. Just use my contact page  to drop me a line.

How am I going to pay for your services when I’m already buried in bills my insurance company won’t pay?

First of all, you don’t owe me a penny until your claim is settled. Secondly, I negotiate – often very aggressively – on your behalf to get you the settlement you deserve so those bills are no longer hanging over your head. It also means you’ll be paid for pain and suffering or any damages; for example, if your car was damaged in an accident, I’ll negotiate to get your car repaired.

By the time I’m done working for you, you’ll feel more at ease about your financial situation and know that justice has been carried out on your behalf.

I work full time. I don’t have the time to take on an insurance company. Shouldn’t I just let it go?

Absolutely not. One of the perks of hiring me as your lawyer is that it’s my job to take on all the stress of negotiation while you go back to your everyday responsibilities. I’ll keep you updated frequently on how your case is going so you’re fully informed, and I’ll always be available to receive updates from you on any relevant developments on your part: how you’re feeling since the accident, whether your medical treatments are working as they should, any new doctors you’re seeing, any issues you’ve been having with your car, etc. You don’t have to have time to take on the insurance company – that’s my job.

I didn’t do anything wrong. Why is my insurance company refusing to pay for damages to my car or my medical bills?

A lot of insurance companies are frankly unethical when it comes to denying claims. They’re counting on your not having the time or resources to take them on – but they weren’t counting on you hiring a savvy lawyer like me who’s way too zealous to let them get away with denying you what should be yours. I can present the threat of a lawsuit or even sue and seek punitive measures if need be in order to force the insurance company to pay the claim. I make it hard for them to be unethical, and usually they’ll come to terms quickly after they realize you’re no pushover.

I’ve worked with lawyers in the past and could barely get past their assistant even when I had a serious issue. Am I going to be able to tell you my concerns easily?

Absolutely. I am devoted to making sure all my clients get the personal attention they need, and that includes not only being available on the phone and via email but also making house, office, or hospital calls if need be. You’ll find that I return all your calls and emails personally and promptly, and that I give you my full attention whenever we speak. If you’re having trouble with an insurance company, you’re already dealing with a faceless company that doesn’t care about you – the last thing I want is for you to feel uncared-for when you’re speaking to the lawyer who’s supposed to be helping you fix that problem!

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