Sam is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer. He was prompt with notifying me on every step of the process and took the time to explain thoroughly anything I did not understand. He’s an exceptional lawyer and I would gladly use him again.


I highly recommend Sam Levine. He is professional, responsive, and truly does care about his clients. He took care of my issue extremely quickly, with very little work on my part (which is just what I needed).


I came to Sam Levine after I was involved in a car accident. My car was heavily damaged in the wreck & I got pretty banged up. The insurance company did not want to pay me fairly for my claim. While Sam represented me as my attorney, I found him to be a fierce advocate on my behalf & he regularly communicated with me about my case. I would not hesitate to use him again.


Sam Levine is a simply exceptional attorney! He did something that we thought was impossible. After being rejected three times by our insurance company to cover much-needed surgery, we hired Sam to intervene.

Within one week, Sam had gotten the insurance company to “reconsider” its earlier decisions, and my surgery was approved. We also got a letter of apology in the mail from a senior executive at the insurance company, apologizing for the way our case was mis-handled before Sam Levine was involved.

Sam is what a lawyer should truly be. He is absolutely tenacious and will do what it takes to put his client’s interests first. While incredibly assertive, he treats his clients in a very different manner. He is both calm, empathetic and respectful. He offers truthful, objective counsel. He follows through on every level of detail and always ensures he connects the dots for those of us baffled by the legal process. I can’t begin to recommend Sam highly enough. He is truly an exceptional lawyer.


I really enjoyed working with Sam and loved the dedication that he put it in the case. I have since recommended him to my family and friends and they too have been happy with his service.


Would highly recommend this attorney to anyone who wants it done right the first time- he’s a good one to have fighting for you– extremely satisfied and happy.


We know Sam will do what is absolutely best for us will not stop until he gets the answers he wants and the end result that we need!!!


He was passionate about helping me with my problem and I consider him to be very good at what he does.


I found Mr. Levine quite capable and readily available at all times; never hesitating to answer my questions or concerns.


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